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  • 13 november 2020

    Every year, every last Friday of November, all the shopaholics of the world go early in the morning ... no, not to work, and not even to school. And for a grand sale.

    Because it is on this day that the sale of the year takes place.

    This concept appeared in the United States in 1966 and was associated with large traffic jams on the Friday after the holiday - Thanksgiving Day. The modern interpretation of such sales is much more positive. It is associated with the idiom "in the black" which means "positive balance". To put it simply, sellers will “come out in the black” on Friday.

    In Europe and the United States, many take a day off on this day and occupy lines in shopping centers since the night. Here is a devoted love of shopping!

    By the way, in 2020 this wonderful day falls on November 27. Mark on the calendar!

    Uzbekistan also keeps up with foreign colleagues and takes part in this worldwide flash mob, organizing a day of discounts and profitable promotions.

    Happy Friday, friends!
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