12 november 2018

Orient Finans Bank has launched a new website developed by the Studio of Artemiy Lebedev

The presentation of the new website developed by the Russian designer and his team was held on November 11 at the headquarters of Orient Finans Bank. The presentation started with the opening speech of S. Polatov - Chairman of the Bank Board who spoke about cooperation with A.Lebedev Studio. The Chairman said that the website of Orient Finans Bank was the first project of the Russian designer in Uzbekistan. “I can say proudly that this is a truly unique project from the perspective of the most thoughtful care about the customer. I would like to thank the Lebedev team for the excellent work. As Artemiy says no similar website developments have even taken place in Uzbekistan, it’s like the first skyscraper in the city. There will be more of them in future but everybody will remember the first one”, said the chairman in his speech.

Olga Pismerova, the project director of the studio, in her speech has drawn attention to the team’s approach to this project. Modern banking trends and principles simplifying the customers’ life have been taken into account when developing the product. The studio had a challenge to create a website that would first of all help to make people’s lives better and help them to achieve their goals using the bank products. That is why the project developers have focused on the issues being most important for the users. The information on the website is located in such a way that a user can follow consistently from a simple acquaintance to his main goal leaving a request for a required service. The screen contains exactly as much information as is necessary for comfortable reading. “Eventually, the customer does not need a loan, he needs a car, an apartment, or he needs to arrange a wedding of his son. For that reason, from the very beginning we have built the narration in such a way that it provides real examples of desires that can be fulfilled with the help of the bank”, Olga said.

Russian designer Artemiiiy Lebedev, the most expected guest of the presentation, in his speech called the site to be progressive, universal and multifunctional. He noted that the team could have done the same product, for example, for a large American bank, that is, the quality of the work performed has raised significantly the level of relationship between the bank and the customer. “We have been working on the project for a year. This is a big job and a significant scope. I consider the site to be absolutely ultimate. Usually, the first step is always troublesome when one starts communicating with new people and entering into a new industry. In this case, it turned out to be a wonderful case. And it is not just a beautiful component but a practical business tool”, Lebedev said.
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