17 february 2020

Representatives of Orient Finans Bank, along with athletes, visited children with cancer.

On February 15, World Cancer Day was celebrated worldwide. At the initiative of the Association of Oncologists of Uzbekistan, representatives of our bank visited the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center for Oncology and Radiology, visited the children and presented them with special souvenirs and gifts.

By a good tradition, the guys were visited by the team of the metropolitan football club Lokomotiv in full strength and the national boxing team of Uzbekistan. Children were very happy to meet their idols! The athletes handed the children memorable gifts, talked to them, took pictures and left autographs.

It was so nice to see sincere smiles, joy and admiration of the children. Support for young patients and their parents is needed during treatment and the fight against the disease, and Orient Finans Bank regularly holds these kinds of events in order to give children positive emotions and inspire them. May all children be healthy - this is the most important thing!
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