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Bank Guarantee
  • Safe
    Reducing the risk of non-delivery or delivery of a defective product
  • Lucrative
    The cost of guarantees is lower than the cost of borrowed loans
  • Convenient
    The possibility of repeatedly obtaining guarantees

Expand your capacity

The Bank will ensure the timely and safe execution of your financial obligations to partners.

Up to 12 months

Guarantee period


Commission for providing a guarantee


Pledge of property, including personal and third parties

How to apply for a guarantee

  • Application
     Apply online. Our employee will call you and schedule the consultation time
    On the same day
  • Consultation

    Come to the bank with the documents and consult with specialists. They will evaluate your case and prepare a contract

    Up to 3 days

  • Get a guarantee

    After signing the contract, the money will be deposited into your account

    On the same day
To get a loan fill up the form. It will take not more than 5 minutes.
Date of update: 30.03.2023
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