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    No deposit required. The subject of leasing is itself the security of the contract
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    Leasing payments are fully charged to cost
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 "How we bought our gym on lease"
Power Fitness Elite Club,
a family fitness club network

What could be better than doing your favorite thing and get paid for it? So 2 years ago began the history of the fitness business. Everything is like everyone else: first renting a room, purchasing simulators, recruiting staff.

Having worked for some time on the lease, we realized that the business is going well and we pay for ourselves. But for further growth and development for the future, it was decided to buy the premises, or rather, to take it on lease.

Now we have fully felt the correctness of the decision. For leasing, we did not need security, the building itself became a pledge, and each leasing payment brings the day closer when we become owners of a beautiful room in the city center.

Here, on one square, there is everything necessary not only for sports and recreation, but also to preserve beauty and health - fitness halls, personal training studio, beauty salon, massage room, fitness bar.

Leasing operations

Money to pay for goods or services produced in Uzbekistan. Funds are transferred immediately to the account of the organization.

Uzbekistan Soums

Not longer than 60 months


Pledge of property, including personal and third parties

How to apply for a leasing

  • Application
    Apply online. Our employee will call you and schedule a consultation
    On the same day
  • Consultation

    Come to the bank with the documents and consult with specialists. They will evaluate your case and prepare an agreement
    Up to 3 days
  • Get the lease

    After the approval of the application, we will transfer the money for your purchase to the seller's account
    On the same day
To get a loan fill up the form. It will take not more than 5 minutes.
Date of update: 10.07.2020
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