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MasterCard Standard
Classic international cards: MasterCard Standart for travelling and shopping around the world for you and your family
  • Convenient It's possibile to open a unified account for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay
  • 0 UZS No subscription fee
  • FreeMobile banking, telegram-bot, SMS-informing, personal cabinet on the site

Shopping around the world
Pay for purchases and withdraw money at ATMs around the world simply and safely.
0 $ Insurance deposit
Free Withdraw cash in the bank network
0% Payment for goods and services in the bank network
Single account for all payment systems Up to three cards of different payment systems can be connected to the single account. This means that you will have access to your money anywhere in the world - from Europe to China. At the same time, the balance and turnover of all three cards are reflected synchronously, giving a complete picture of the balance.
“How the currency card was useful for me on a trip to Germany”
Natalia, experienced traveller

I love to travel and try to travel as often as possible. I remembered my last trip to Berlin by wonderful forest parks, from where cute chanterelles jump out right onto the road in the city center, with the monumentally beautiful Wagner-like “Tannhäuser” and many other interesting features that Germany is rich in.

In addition, I remembered how Mastercard Standard helped me out, to which I prudently put half of my money on the trip. When I asked my friends where I could exchange cash dollars for euros, their eyes widened: “Did you bring cash? What for?".

As a result, I still managed to exchange cash in one of the infrequent exchange points - in that near the Zoological Garden (Zoologischer Garten); I gladly paid all the other expenses by card, the convenience of which I fully felt on this trip.

OFB24 convenient mobile bank
Online purchase and sale of currency
Card expense reports for any period
Instant transfers to clients of other banks
Payment of utility bills, mobile communications, Internet, television
How to get a card
  • Application Apply on the website. Our employee will call you and tell you about the conditions. On the same day
  • Documents Come to the bank with a passport, the staff will quickly fill your documents
    On the same day
  • Card is ready Our employee will call you and you can get your card
    1-3 days

  • Tariffs
    Card reissuance
    1. Upon the expiration of ‘best before’ date – Free
    2. Card expiration date – 3 years

    3. Insurance deposit (account balance) – 5 $

    1. For the issuance of main card – Free

    2. For the issuance of the additional card – Free

    3. Yearly fee – unforeseen

    Transaction commissions
OFB application
Order debit cards in national and foreign currencies, as well as open virtual cards
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