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Financial freedom
Discounts for payments with a card, receiving gifts, invitations to private fashion shows, exhibitions and other cultural events. High level of protection.
Payment for goods and services in the bank network
1.5% For cash withdrawal abroad

“How I got my stuff together and went to America in 5 days”
Javokhir, graduate of Westminster University

In 2017, when I was in my third year at Westminster University, I decided to take part in the Work and travel USA program during the holidays. The selection and preparation for this program is very difficult, and the probability of obtaining a visa is 50/50.

I prepared for any outcome, so that in case of refusal I would not be upset. The coveted day came, I went to the embassy, ​​as a result, the consul said with a smile that I had passed!

I ran for the tickets, there were "last minute" tickets, I had to fly in 5 days. Then I remembered that I needed a plastic card! And time was running out. I immediately ran to the bank, I was afraid to be late.

As a result, the entire process of card appliaction took 15 minutes, and the next day I received my card, which became my permanent companion and assistant in work and travels in America.

How to get a card
  • Application Apply on the website. Our employee will call you and tell you about the conditions.
    On the same day
  • Documents Come to the bank with a passport, the staff will quickly fll your documents
    On the same day
  • Card is ready Our employee will call you and you can get your card
    1-3 days

  • Tariffs
    1. For the issuance of main card – 100,000 UZS

    2. For the issuance of the additional card – 100,000 UZS

    3. Yearly fee - unforeseen

    1. Upon the expiration of ‘best before’ date – 100,000 UZS
    2. Theft or loss – 100,000 UZS

    3. Card expiration date – 3 years

    4. Insurance deposit (account balance) – 25 $

    Transaction commission
    1. Payment for goods and services across the Bank network – 0%

    2. Payment for goods and services at the territory of the RUz – 0%

    3. Payment for goods and services, international transaction – 1% (≥1 $)

    4. Cash withdrawal within the Bank network – 0%

    5. Cash withdrawal in Uzbekistan – 1.5% (≥3 $)

    6. Cash withdrawal, international transaction – 1.5% (≥3 $)

    7. Crediting commission inside the Orient Finance bank network – 0%

    8. Crediting commission, non-cash payment – 0%

    9. Commission for the card verification certificate (given on Bank’s official letterhead) – 20,000 UZS

    10. Commission for card operability certificate – 20,000 UZS

    11. Commission for card suspension (if ‘lost or stolen’) – 40,000 UZS

    12. Commission for appealing dubious transaction (one cycle) – 85,000 UZS

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