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  • All the employees will get free of charge cards. Salary will transfered to the cards the same day.
    The Employees of Intersok Factory get their salaries on the cards of our bank.
    Corporate Cards for the foreign Business trips and business expenses.
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Payments using a QR code via the OFB 24 mobile app allow you to quickly and conveniently pay for goods and services.

To pay using a QR code in the OFB 24 mobile app:

  1. Find a special QR code at the point of sale.
  2. A special QR code of the seller or service provider is photographed via a "QR payment" in the OFB 24 mobile app.
  3. After you take a picture of the QR code, the app will display the details of the service provider, and the payment will be made by entering the required amount.
«How we get a Loan and bought the equipment for the clinic»
How "Maxliyo Shifo" is developing the business
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Account management, bank transactions, income and expense analysis, available all around the world 24/7.
Convenient and useful telegram-bot @Card_Ofb_Bot

You can get information about cards’ balance, last two months operations and allows you to block or unblock the cards.

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