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Correspondence relations
List of correspondential accounts and correspondent banks of  «Orient Finans» bank
Correspondent bank City Currency S.W.I.F.T.
South Korea South Korea
Kookmin Bank Kookmin Bank Seoul Seoul USD CZNBKRSEXXX
Russia Russia
Asia-Invest Bank Asia-Invest Bank Мoscow Moscow USD EUR RUB ASIJRUMM
«Gazprom» Gazprombank Мoscow Moscow USD GAZPRRUMM
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
NBU National Bank of Uzbekistan Тashkent Tashkent USD GBP EUR RUB NBFAUZ2X
Bank "Ipak Yuli" Bank «Ipak Yuli» Тashkent Tashkent USD EUR INIPUZ22
Asaka Bank Asaka Bank Тashkent Tashkent USD EUR ASBKUZ22
Uzsanoatqurilishbank Uzsanoatqurilishbank Тashkent Tashkent USD UJSIUZ22
Germany Germany
Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg Stuttgart Stuttgart EUR SOLADEST
Austria Austria
Raiffeisen Bank International Raiffeisen Bank International Vein Vein USD GBP EUR RZBAATWW
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