Orient Finans is recognized as the best Bank of Uzbekistan for 2020

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  • Term of a loan: 3 years 
    Approximate monthly payment for 1 year
    Visa Classic cards for travelling and shopping abroad for You and Your Familiy
    EasySingle account for Mastercard, Visa and UnionPay cards0 UZSSubscription fee for services
  • Premium service, discounts and special offers.
    Discounts Worldwide special offers
    0 UZS Subscription fee payments
    15% Interest
  • Approximate monthly payment for 1 year
    Foreign exchange classic cards
    Convenient Acceptable in all countries
    Free of charge Card issue and services
    • USD US Dollar
    • CBU Rate 10681.06
    • We Buy 10630.00
    • We Sell 10730.00
    • EUR Euro
    • CBU Rate 12572.68
    • We Buy 12000.00
    • We Sell 13000.00
    • GBP British Pound
    • CBU Rate 14762.29
    • We Buy 14000.00
    • We Sell 15500.00
    • CHF Swiss frank
    • CBU Rate 11559.59
    • We Buy 11000.00
    • We Sell 12200.00
    • JPY Japanese Yen
    • CBU Rate 97.62
    • We Buy 85.00
    • We Sell 98.00
    Favorable rate for buying or selling popular world currencies

Booking a queue for the provision of bank services

So that our clients do not put themselves at risk of infection due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also plan their time

Upgrade your home appliances or make a nice gift for your loved ones
using the OFB Profit installment card
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Chevrolet Malibu, made in Uzbekistan
Application for cars made in Uzbekistan.
450 mln UZS Maximum amount of loan
Up to 48 months Term of loan

Residential compound «Novomoskovskaya» from Golden House
Loan for residential property in residential compound or secondary market.
From 17% Interest
Up to 20 years Term of loan

Mobile application OFB. All cards, accounts, transfers and payments are in your pocket.
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Convenient and useful telegram-bot @Card_Ofb_Bot

You can get information about cards’ balance, last two months operations and allows you to block or unblock the cards.

If you have questions, contact us call number 71 200-88-99 or contact an online reception

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