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Deposits for multiplying savings. Interest is paid at the end of the period.
19% Rate
1 mln UZS Minimum deposit
13 months Term
15% Rate
10 mln UZS Minimum deposit
300 days Term
13.5% Rate
1 mln UZS Minimum deposit
180 days Term
7% Rate
1000000 $ Minimum deposit
36 months Term
7% Rate
500000 $ Minimum deposit
36 months Term
6% Rate
500000 $ Minimum deposit
25 months Term
2,5% Rate
5000 $ Minimum deposit (без капитализации)
500 days Term
1,5% Rate
1000 $ Minimum deposit (без капитализации)
370 days Term
10% Rate
1 mln UZS Minimum deposit
30 days Term
12% Rate
1 mln UZS Minimum deposit
90 days Term
All deposits are insured.
Your deposits at Orient Finans Bank are insured by the Deposit Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan. This means that payments on deposits are guaranteed by the state.

  • Questions and answers
    Frequently asked questions
    • Is it possible to make a deposit without visiting a bank branch?

      Yes, it is possible. The Bank provides a remote deposit service service through the Mobile Application OFB. The terms of deposits can be found in the application or on the website of the bank.

      Note: for depositing via the OFB Mobile application, the depositor must have a plastic card UzCard or HUMO from one of the branches of Orient Finance Bank.

    • How are the interest on deposits calculated?
      • Deposit amount * interest rate %/365 * number of days the money is in the deposit.

        Interest is calculated from the day after the deposit is made, up to the day preceding its return. Interest is calculated for the period when the depositor’s account is seized by judicial authorities.

        (According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Article 764)

    • What is the maximum interest rate for individuals?

      The OFB Elite deposit in national currency at 15% (via OFB mobile application - 16%) per annum and OFB Ultra deposit in foreign currency - 3%

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