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  • Individual approach
    The structure of the deal is formed based on the needs and characteristics of the client
  • Multi-currency
    The possibility of obtaining loans in different currencies - rubles, dollars, euros
  • Lucrative
    Low cost for short-term loans

Expand your capacity

We help you to move to the next stage of development.

Purchase fixed assets

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«How we took a loan and bought equipment for the clinic»
Maxliyo Shifo, laser dermatology clinic      

Having worked in the market for more than 15 years, we realized that without a serious cardinal renewal of equipment, our services will no longer be in demand among our patients.

We studied the technology market, chose the most modern and advanced equipment from Italy and bought it with a loan.

Today our clinic is equipped with the latest generation equipment. Our doctors are regularly trained abroad. We help our patients deal with congenital or acquired skin problems. We do it carefully, taking care of the health and well-being of each patient.

How to apply for a loan
  • Application
    Apply online. Our employee calls you and agrees on consultation time
    On the same day
  • Consultation

    Come to the bank with the documents and consult with specialists. They will study your case and prepare a contract

    Up to 3 days

  • Get the loan

    After signing the contract, the money will be deposited into your account

    On the same day
Fill out an application, it will not take more than 5 minutes.
  • Conditions
    Basic requirements for a potential borrower
    It has the status of a resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    The presence of existing profitable business.

    The presence of a primary or secondary demand deposit account with PJSCB ORIENT FINANCE.

    Place of registration and business in the region of presence of PJSB ORIENT FINANCE.

    Having a positive credit history

    Own participation in the project of at least 25 percent is welcome.

    Time and formal business registration of at least 12 months is welcome.

    Enterprises operating at a loss, having an illiquid balance, are not eligible for lending.
    Investment loans are granted for a period exceeding one year and for the financing of fixed capital, in particular, for the acquisition
    freight and passenger vehicles;

    equipment for various purposes;

    special equipment for various purposes;

    trailers and semi-trailers;

    office rooms;

    industrial premises;


    shopping areas (shops, shopping centers);

    other fixed assets used in business.
    The main terms of lending for investment purposes
    The loan amount depends on the financial condition of the potential borrower, the volume of its business and the source of loan repayment.

    Loan term - up to 60 months.

    Interest rate * - depending on the loan term.

    Loan currency - Uzbek sum and foreign currency **.

    Terms of repayment of interest on the loan - monthly, interest is calculated on the actual balance of the loan debt.

    Terms of repayment of the principal amount of the loan: monthly in equal installments or an individual schedule is established in accordance with the peculiarities of the financial and economic activities of the potential borrower.

    The possible grace period during which the principal amount of the loan is not repaid is up to 6 months.

    Early repayment of the loan is allowed, fines and fees for early repayment are not collected.

    Loan security: the security may be a pledge of property, including personal and third parties of both legal entities and individuals:

    the property;

    motor transport;

    deposit both national and in foreign currency;

    special equipment;

    other liquid property.

    Possible combined pledge. The pledge is accepted for a total amount of 125% of the loan amount using a discount. The size of the discount depends on the type of property, its value and loan period.

    * There are no additional hidden fees and charges to the Bank on the loan.
    ** Credits in foreign currency are provided only if there is a stable currency proceeds from export operations sufficient to repay the loan.
  • Required documents
    Form of submission of documents
    Documents are provided in original form or copies. The form is indicated in the name of the document.

    All copies must be marked “true copy”.
    Basic documents
    1. Original application. It is signed and sealed by the client.
    2. A copy of the charter and constituent documents of the enterprise with all the changes.
    3. A copy of the documents confirming the right of a person to sign a loan agreement on behalf of the borrower, if the person is a representative of the borrower, samples of signatures.
    4. The original protocol decisions of the founders - for a loan, indicating the amount, term, purpose, interest or fees for obtaining a loan, indicating the type of security and the appointment of a responsible person for the execution of loan documents and other security documents.
    5. A copy of the financial statements of the company (form №1 and 2) with a note by the tax Inspection on the acceptance of reports for the last reporting period (if necessary, operational financial reports without a mark on the acceptance of the STI). If there are overdue debitor or creditor obligations, a transcript of debitor or creditor obligations in the context of contractors, indicating the sum and terms of formation, reconciliation acts for overdue debitor obligations or a court decision.
    6. Original business plan with a detailed description of the production plan, financial plan, analysis of the market situation, pricing policy, project risk assessment, forecast of cash receipts on a deposit account until the borrower’s demand for the crediting period (cash flow) of the order portfolio structure and justification of the sales market provided services.
    7. Security documents.
    When pledging real estate (nonresidential fund)
    1. Copy of cadastral documents.
    2. A copy of the certificate of state registration of rights to buildings and structures.
    3. A copy of the certificate of state registration of rights to land.
    4. The original report on the market value of real estate independent valuation company.
    5. A copy of the certificate in the form №4 from the cadastre on real estate
    6. Original decision of the authorized body of the legal entity on consent to the provision of pledge.
    7. The original power of attorney for the person authorized to enter into a pledge agreement on behalf of the enterprise (if the pledge agreement is not signed by the head of the enterprise).
    If the mortgagor is a third party, additionally
    1. A copy of the charter, the memorandum of association, all amendments to the charter and the memorandum of association
    2. A copy of the power of attorney for the person authorized to enter into a pledge agreement on behalf of the enterprise (if the pledge agreement is not signed by the head of the enterprise).

    With the pledge of equipment
    1. Copy of documents on equipment (technical passport, etc.).
    2. A copy of the documents certifying the ownership of the equipment to the owner (GTD IM40, contract of sale or invoice, etc.).
    3. Original report of an independent appraisal company (with the exception of cases stipulated in the credit policy).
    When pledging a vehicle
    Original report of an independent appraisal company (with the exception of cases stipulated in the credit policy).
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