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17 december 2020

Winter shopping with VISA.

Shopping not only lifts the mood and increases the level of endorphins in the blood, but also saves you money. Yes, yes, and this is not a typo.

Make online purchases, pay for the order within the territory of Uzbekistan, provided that you make a one-time purchase of $2 with a Visa card on the website or in the AliExpress app and get a coupon for an additional $1 discount.


Each participant can receive no more than one discount coupon for the entire duration of the promotion;
The discount does not apply to orders paid with a commercial Visa Business card;

The territory of the action: The Republic of Uzbekistan.

Promotion period: from 07.12.2020 (10:59:59 Moscow time) to 30.12.2020

Let this winter be remembered by pleasant shopping.
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