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  • Questions and details
    • How long does it usually take for the bank to review online loan request?
      Up to three days
    • Do I have to support my earnings with some kind of written evidence (documents, certificates that validate my earnings)?
      A document, certifying your monthly income has to be provided. If your income comes from private enterprise, your annual turnover for the past 12 months shall also be submitted.
    • Am I entitled to bank loan, if my incomes are transferred to other bank account?
      A bank will request you to provide certificate of income for the past 12 months, irrespective of the service bank.
    • Can I get a credit if I don’t have official income?
      It isn’t possible to get a credit without official incomes as your salary will act a baseline for paying off the bank loan.
    • Do I have to resubmit my regular incomes to Orient Finance bank’s account when signing credit agreement?
      Not really. It can be done online with the help of ОФБ24 app, or through any bank’s cash department.
    • Can I pay off the bank loan before the due date and do I have to pay for that?
      Yes, it can be done without any penalties. Respective interest shall be applicable to the actual remnants of the bank loan.
    • Will the monthly payments be deducted automatically or will I have to do the transfers myself?
      Clients can make sure to hoard the necessary sum at the cash deposit by the pay-day for automatic resettlement.