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6 december 2020

For 2 whole days, the capital of Uzbekistan turned into a place of strength and real endurance.

This is because the FITTEST IN STONE CITY VOL. event was held on December 12 and 13 of this year.2. 78

78 athletes, including both professionals and amateurs, fought for the title of "the most physically prepared".

All of them proved once again that big victories begin with small victories over themselves.
Orient Finans Bank was the General Sponsor of this grandiose event and is happy to announce the list of winners.

Yesterday, in a solemn atmosphere, we congratulated the athletes and handed them cards. We congratulate you on your well-deserved victory once again.

First place Rx in the men's competition - Hikmatov Khondamir @Xondamir xikmatov

The first place of Rx in the women's competition is Ekaterina Datskovskaya @_d_kate_

First place Sc in the men's competition - Rakhimov Mukhammadrasul @rakhimov__m

Sc first place in the women's competition - Natalia Gazizulina @natati_natali0717

Let your life be filled with victories!

And such events further develop CrossFit in Uzbekistan and give every athlete an opportunity to prove himself.