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Loan for replenishment of working capital
  • Individual approach
    The structure of the deal is formed based on the needs and characteristics of the client
  • Convenient

    It is possible to repay the loan ahead of schedule

  • Lucrative
    Interest is charged on the actual outstanding debt

Loan for working capital

Provided for the purchase of raw materials and materials, semi-finished products and other production stocks.

Loan period 

Up to 12 months, for small businesses up to 18 months

Uzbekistan Sum

Loan Currency 


Pledge of property, including personal and third parties

“How a loan helps to develop a business”

Dilfuza, owner of the company "Kaleon"

In 1996, five employees began their business in delivering foreign and domestic press to customers. Today “Kaleon” is a large company, 50 employees of which are engaged in providing the domestic market with foreign and domestic print and electronic newspapers, magazines and books in all disciplines and areas.

Our business has its own characteristics, a significant part of the income comes to us after the delivery of products to our customers, while we need to pay for print publications to partners in advance.

Almost every year we take a loan, with the funds from which we buy the press, we buy cars for prompt delivery. The loan helps us to constantly develop our business, to keep the bar of excellent service in front of our clients and the status of a responsible partner in front of suppliers.

How to apply for a loan
  • Application Apply online. Our employee will call you and schedule a consultation On the same day
  • Consultation

    Come to the bank with the documents and consult with specialists. They will evaluate your case and prepare an agreement 

    Up to 3 days

  • Get the loan

    After signing the contract, the money will be deposited into your account

    On the same day
To get a loan fill up the form. It will take not more than 5 minutes.
Date of update: 10.07.2020
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