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"Operative" Modular Loan
to 500 mln UZS Maximum amount of loan
  • Individual approach
    The structure of the deal is formed based on the needs and characteristics of the client
  • Convenient

    It is possible to repay the loan ahead of schedule

  • Lucrative
    Interest is charged on the actual outstanding debt

"Operative" Modular Loan

Replenishment of working capital.

Loan period 

Up to 12 months

Loan interest rate

26% annual
How to apply for a loan
  • Application Apply online. Our employee will call you and schedule a consultation On the same day
  • Consultation

    Come to the bank with the documents and consult with specialists. They will evaluate your case and prepare an agreement 

    Up to 3 days

  • Get the loan

    After signing the contract, the money will be deposited into your account

    On the same day
To get a loan fill up the form. It will take not more than 5 minutes.
Date of update: 10.07.2020

  • Conditions
    • Borrower
      Business entities, residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have been carrying out their business activities since registration for at least 1 year
    • Minimum term of loan
      Not set
    • Grace period for repayment of principal debt
    • The interest payments
      every month
    • Repayment of principal
      in equal monthly installments
    • Loan provision
      • Pledge of real estate in the form of commercial real estate (office space, commercial residential complex and administrative buildings);
      • Pledge of movable property in the form of cars and trucks, special equipment.
    • Requirements for the amount of collateral
      not less than 125%, for related persons with the Bank not less than 130% of the loan amount
    • Basic conditions for the borrower
      • Has a good credit history;
      • Stable cash receipts;
      • Servicing of the primary account in Orient Finance»;
      • Work substantial balance;
      • Creditworthiness class not lower than class 2;
      • No current overdue debt.
    • Maximum amount of loan
      based on the borrower's financial condition, but no more than 500 million sums
    • Maximum term of loan
      12 months
    • Interest rate on overdue principal debt
      39% annual
  • Required documents
    List of documents required for submission to the Bank in consideration of giving loans
    1. Application. Signed by the Manager and certified with the client's seal - original
    2. Charter and founding documents of the company (with all changes), certificate of state registration of the legal entity - Copy with the mark «copy is correct»
    3. Card with sample signatures and seal impression (when servicing in another Bank) - Copy with the mark «copy is correct»
    4. Protocol decision of the borrower's administrative bodies - for obtaining a loan, indicating the amount, term, purpose, interest or commissions for obtaining a loan, indicating the type of security and appointing a responsible person for processing documents on the loan and other documents - original
    5. Documents confirming the right of a person to sign a credit agreement (an order to appoint a Director and chief accountant or a power of attorney with an indication of the signature sample) - Copy with the mark «copy is correct»
    6. A certificate from the servicing Bank about the operation of the account for at least the last 12 months, about the absence of file number 2 on the date of the certificate, about the presence of loan debt and credit history (provided if the client's main account is serviced in another Bank). If you have a sufficiently large volume of information (revolutions), it is desirable to provide an additional electronic version of the revolutions - original
    7. Financial reports of the company (form №1 and 2) with a mark by the tax Inspectorate on the acceptance of reports for the last reporting period (if necessary, operational financial reports without a mark on the acceptance of the STI). If there are overdue accounts receivable and accounts payable, a transcript of accounts receivable and accounts payable in the context of contractors, indicating the sum and terms of formation, reconciliation acts for overdue accounts receivable or a court decision - Original or Copy with the mark «copy is correct»
    8. Business plan, with a detailed description of the production plan, financial plan, market analysis, pricing policy, risk assessment for the project, the forecast of cash receipts to the borrower's demand Deposit account for the loan period (cash flow), the structure of the order portfolio, and the justification for the availability of a market for goods/works/ services - Original
    9. Contracts/agreements for the purchase of goods at the expense of loan funds - Copy with the mark «copy is correct»
    10. Data in the form of a table, which indicates the date of return, rate, amount of return, according to repayment schedules for received loans, leases, loans, financial assistance, etc.with a copy of the relevant agreements and repayment schedules (if available) - Original
    11. Documents of provision - by request of the Bank
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